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Nuru massage is a type of massage therapy that involves a sensual body-to-body contact. In this type of massage therapy, the masseuse applies massage gel on her body. The amount of nuru gel applied on her body allows her to slide over your body creating a romantic sensual massage of its kind. The kind of gel/oil used during this massage therapy should be slippery enough to enable the female partner to slide over her male partner. Nuru massage is usually done using oil or gel. This is a type of oil that comes with a number of special features that make it one of the best oils used by masseuses in massage therapies. The massage oil used is odorless and transparent and therefore it is a preference to many masseuses because it does not affect their clients especially those who are allergic to smells. One of the reasons why masseuses prefer odorless and transparent massage oil is because it can be used on various groups of people without any side effects being witnessed during or after its use. Those who prefer odorless massage oil usually single out allergy to strong smells as the main reason they prefer this kind of oil.
Nuru massage when undertaken by a professional masseuse can be used to reduce mental stress and this is something that has been proved by many of those who happen to have gone through this type of body rub. When one is mentally stressed, undergoing through this massage can help alleviate this stress because it leaves one in a relaxed mood. 
The nuru massage masseuses understands all the requirements of this type of body rub and therefore they will be able to offer tips on how to make the session enjoyable and romantic. Professional nuru masseuses who have many years of experience in performing nuru massage for their clients use varying tips to make the session enjoyable.
Nuru massage is also common among couples and has been proved to work wonders in terms of relieving stress and rejuvenating their romantic love. When couples engage in this massage, it helps in building a strong bond between them. Both partners also gets to think about their love in a serene atmosphere without thinking about other issues of life which may be troubling them. Because nuru massage is enjoyable, it leaves both partners not only relaxed in body but also free from mental stress. Couples who understand the benefits of this massage makes it a habit in their lives. With all the above benefits couple nuru massage is certainly one of the modern ways of reducing mental stress not only among couples but also among other groups of people. This is why its popularity has grown among all classes of people nowadays. Even those who never saw it as an essential part of live have realized the wonders that it can bring about in their lives and are now embracing the body rub.




We always recommend at least 90 minutes bookings with a combination of your choice. Like this you can enjoy 2 experiences in one time.

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